Company Profile

VIP Health was created by a group of physicians and business leaders in the United States in response to the alarming rate at which people from developing countries are dying prematurely from diseases easily preventable by prompt medical screening and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our goal is to utilize preventative healthcare that includes promoting healthy lifestyle as a tool to bridge the life expectancy gap between the people from developing countries, (which total in the 40ís) and the developed countries (teher are more than 70 in the world today). At VIP Health, we believe that this huge disparity in life expectancy cannot and would not be narrowed by accumulation of wealth or education; but rather by embracing comprehensive preventive medical screening to allow for early detection of diseases and life style modifications. 

Statistics, over decades, show that more often than not, patients from developing countries present  with medical conditions that are usually too advanced to be treated or cured by the best medical treatments and interventions currently available in the United States or other countries with advanced medical facilities and practices. The costs of treating these conditions are astronomical compared to a fraction of the cost which could have been spent for medical screening, enabling a better chance of finding diseases at their infancy and a higher propensity for cure and eradication.

It is our belief that comprehensive medical examinations offered in countries with advanced medical infrastructure and practices to patients from developing countries could be improved by targeting tests to address the medical and cultural needs of the patients. Sometimes, tests are conducted with little or no recommendations or adequate follow up with patients. 

VIP Health seeks to resolve these issues by leveraging our understanding of the health care needs of clients from developing and developed countries and our in-depth knowledge of diseases resulting in premature deaths. VIP Health thereby developed a comprehensive Executive Healthcare Solution in partnership with Florida Hospital, Celebration. A healthcare solution broad enough to meet the medical needs of our clients and dedicated to improving their overall well being.

Medical Screening is performed at Celebration Hospital, a premier and destination medical center in Florida. The screening is broad and tailored to the health care needs of the each client bearing in mind their race, country, and genetic makeup.

VIP Health differs from other medical tourism companies by focusing on preventative healthcare practice to promote wellness and arranging for medical interventions or treatments in the United States and also in other countries at discounted rates when required. 

Although our primary focus is your health, we believe in a holistic approach to health care delivery. We take extra steps to attend to your social and spiritual needs when you arrive for your medical screening. We believe in a complete well being philosophy not just your physical well being. We will also provide you with complementary recreation and relaxation activities to meet your social needs. 

For us at VIP Health, promoting holistic healthcare is more than creating services to meet the needs of clients but a sense of responsibility to improve and maintain the quality of life of our clients.

Our offices are located in Orlando, Florida and Lagos, Nigeria. To ensure our clients receive the highest quality of care, we maintain a close partnership with Florida Hospital-Celebration.