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Our Executive Health Screening Program, Emergency Medical Services, and Business Solutions are designed to help you relax.

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Our Physicians are experienced in executive healthcare and explaining medical details without the jargon.

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We will make your trip comfortable and take care of your local needs while in Orlando.

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Maintaining our client's privacy is our priority. Our client personal information and medical records are strictly confidential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can my company learn more about VIP Executive Health?

Have your human resources representative call +1-407-352-3985 or click here to email us. Request our brochure and learn how to offer this program to your management staff as a supplemental health care benefit. You can also direct your HR staff to this our Web site at www.eviphealth.com for more information.

Where can I stay in Orlando?

Each package includes 3 nights in the world-class Mona Lisa Hotel and Suites. Depending on the package, either one bedroom or two bedroom accommodation is provided. The hotel is a short walking distance (a block away) from the hospital; making it easy to reach medical appointments. Also, the hotel is about seven minutes drive to major attractions like Disney World.

How can I get to the hotel from the airport?

Limousine transportation from and to Orlando airport is included in your package. A registered limousine transportation partner will pick you up at arrival door exit for international passengers, or in the baggage claim area for domestic passengers. We will also return you to the airport on your departure date.

Are your programs covered by health insurance?

Due to the highly specialized and preventative nature of VIP Executive Health solution Program, the program does not file insurance for its packages. Payment is required at the time of visit unless previous arrangements have been made with your company for billing. Additional testing may or may not be covered by insurance. Individual clients are responsible for the full amount due.

We do not investigate the type of coverage clients hold or which of the services provided may be covered. In some cases, we can provide bills for the client to submit to insurance, but we cannot guarantee coverage of any kind.


Is your exam only for executives?

The program is available to anyone who seeks the best in early disease detection and prevention.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

Referrals are not required.

Is your exam the same for women as for men?

Yes, except for specific tests that applies only to men or women. In all tests, our program is equally aggressive in its search for hidden problems.

Does VIP Executive Health Solution conflict with my primary care physician?

We do not replace your primary care physician. The Comprehensive Health Assessment is a thorough preventive and diagnostic exam, which emphasizes healthy lifestyles, risk factor management, and changing personal behavior.

We encourage you to furnish your primary care physician with a copy of this summary so that it can become part of your permanent medical record. The VIP Executive Health solution program physician remains available for consults for both you and your primary care physician, if needed. Unfortunately, we cannot serve as your primary care physician.

When do I get the Physical Examination Results?

At the end of the day, the physician reviews the results of the physical examination and tests with the participant. The physician and participant will work together to develop a personal health action plan that is customized to meet the specific needs and concerns of each participant. Each participant leaves the program with a schedule for periodic health maintenance, plans to manage specific problems and exercise, stress management, and nutrition plans.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my appointment?

Please allow at least two to three weeks for the first available appointment. If you require additional tests or consultations not included in the basic package (see Additional Options), you may need to allow an additional two weeks depending on the types of tests or consultations you require.

Before scheduling an appointment, complete the online registration. After a VIP Executive Health solution program Physician reviews your responses, you will be contacted by the program coordinator about your appointment date.

How long is the Comprehensive Health Assessment?

For a new patient, the initial examination takes about seven hours. For a returning patient, please allow four hours. If your appointment requires additional tests, one to two additional days may be needed. For more information call +1 (407) 352-3985 or click here to email us.

What happens if you find something?

Your program physician will let you know promptly, and discuss the recommended follow-up care with you. If you wish, the program physician can refer you to recommended specialists in the United States or elsewhere.

What should I wear?

You will need comfortable athletic shoes and loose-fitting clothing (preferably a front-button shirt or blouse) since you will undergo a treadmill exercise test.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring comfortable outfit and athletic shoes along with a copy of your most recent health evaluation (if available).

Can my group be scheduled all on the same day?

Yes. Group consisting of six or less members can be accommodated on the same day with appropriate, advanced scheduling.  

Should I eat or drink prior to my appointment?

Please do not eat or drink anything except water, after 10:00 PM the night prior to your examination. On the morning of your examination you may take any regular medications and drink plenty of water, unless directed otherwise by the physician.

Where can I get information about nearby restaurants, and things to do?

A one day Disney world attraction admission ticket (e.g.  Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Universal studio or Cirque du soleil) is included in your package.

Please click here for more information on Orlando.

What is your cancellations or rescheduling policy?

If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call +1 (407) 352-3985 or click here to email us at least ten days in advance.